El Salvador President takes a dig at the U.S for sanctions, cites Bitcoin (BTC) benefits

El Salvador, the world’s first country to make Bitcoin (BTC) a legal tender is already reaping the benefits. After announcing new hospitals and schools using BTC profits, President Nayib Bukele announced they are building a new National stadium. Bukele first teased the announcement a few hours back before revealing the new modern stadium.

President revealed that the construction of the new infrastructure would begin next year replacing the current stadium which is 30-years old. It would have a total seating capacity of 50,000 which is in line with the new Fifa guidelines. The stadium will be built in association with China and Bukele called it a “sample of the friendship between the peoples of China and El Salvador.”

El Salvador has seen a slew of developments ever since making BTC a legal tender in September and despite the likes of World Bank and IMF warning against its use, the small Central American nation has proven them wrong.

El Salvador President takes a dig at the United States

In the run-up to the announcement of a new national stadium, President Bukele also took a dig at the United States, saying, “who is your friend?” Bukele was referring to the skeptical press and politicians of the U.S who keep referring to the El Salvador government for being a “dictatorship,” mainly because of the Bitcoin adoption.

The western media and States have often pointed towards the slew of protests in El Salvador in the wake of BTC adoption, claiming it to be a decision solely made by the President without considering the opinion of the masses. However, Bukele has maintained that the majority of the protests are orchestrated by the opposition and real people are enjoying the benefits of Bitcoin. The English translation of his tweet read:

“Who is your friend? The one that gives you a stadium, a library, a convention center, a pier, and a water treatment plant; Or the one that puts you on”

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