Elon Musk Shamed After DogeBonk Took The ‘Moon Mission’ Challenge To The SpaceX Factory

Maverick billionaire and the SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, had become the butt of the jokes when he was mocked for failing to make Dogecoin the first meme coin in space on the doorstep of his Space X factory in California. DogeBonk sent the message to Elon Musk from Space reports

Rival meme coin DogeBonk sends a message to Elon Musk from space

DogeBonk, through a Billboard, reminded the loudmouth and eccentric billionaire that his efforts of launching Dogecoin into space had been beaten. The Billboard has been erected outside the SpaceX factory in Hawthorne, California

The DogeBonk cryptocurrency is a relatively new coin in the cryptocurrency arena and is presently listed under the kicker DOBO. The diminutive meme coin has embarked on an ambitious media drive, and Billboards proclaiming its exploits have appeared worldwide, in Australia, Germany, India, and Dubai.

‘Sorry Elon,’ DogeBonk beats Musk’s Dogecoin mission to space

Mr. Musk has long championed DogeCoin, and his tweets are often credited with the surge in the values of the meme-based Dogecoin.  Musk had long advocated that DogeCoin will herald the space age in the crypto arena. However, all his bluster has gone bust?

The DogeBonk community’s ambitions are gearing up as the billboard states: “Sorry Elon, DogeBonk is now hiring for an imminent moon mission.” Learn more at”

One DogeBonk community member tweeted: “If ClownWorld has taught me anything about Elon Musk, it’s that DogeBonk might recruit SpaceX employees and beat Dogecoin to the moon.”

Fans of both the meme-based cryptocoin, Dogecoin, and DogeBonk, enjoy the meme coin-war that has escalated between the bitter rivals.

It is not the first time the Tesla boss had to eat his own words. In mid-December 2021, dog-faced meme coin Dogebonk beat Elon Musk to achieve the “first meme coin in space” after a successful stratospheric launch.

The Tesla boss had vowed to send a satellite into space in 2022, paid for entirely with Dogecoin.

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