Galaxy Digital CEO Explains Why Ethereum Is Outperforming Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s utility as an inflation hedge has been a big push for the adoption of the cryptocurrency by investors. Ethereum on the other hand is fast-rising to become the preferred crypto for hedging against inflation for investors. The digital asset’s performance over the past couple of years has proven that it is a strong contender for bitcoin given the year-over-year returns recorded.

Only five years old, Ethereum has grown to become one of the largest assets in the world. It was recently named as the 15th largest asset in the globe, ahead of all of the big banks. Further adoption of Ethereum going forward is inevitable and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has commented on why Ethereum continues to outperform pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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Ethereum Is A Technology Play

Novogratz attributed the growth of Ethereum to the technology which is an attractive point for investors. Ethereum has proven to be one of the cryptocurrencies with the most use cases, especially with the advent of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Sitting down with CNBC for an interview on Wednesday, the CEO pointed out that Ethereum’s offering is larger than an inflation play.

In contrast to this, bitcoin’s biggest offering still hinges on its being an inflation bet. The digital asset which has a supply cap of 21 million coins has always attracted investors due to its deflationary nature. However, Novogratz pointed out that bitcoin starts to lose its appeal when it is being pitted against a devalued currency like the dollar.

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Ethereum combats the problem of being just an inflation bet by providing innovative tech in the blockchain industry. “People see Ethereum as a technology bet,” Novogratz noted.

Since investors are betting on the tech rather than its use as an inflation hedge, it serves a better long-term purpose compared to bitcoin. This has helped it steal market share from the top cryptocurrency and continues to do so.

Technology Trumps Inflation

An increasingly pressing issue for investors has been the rate at which the Fed has been pumping money into the economy. Experts have called for a stop to the incessant money printing, which is driving inflation rates through the roof but the pleas and warnings have fallen on deaf ears. So, investors have had to turn to crypto investments that have proven themselves to properly hedge inflation, such as bitcoin.

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Bitcoin bull and crypto supporter Mike Novogratz sees all of the money printing working out in the favor of cryptocurrencies in what he calls a “monster fourth quarter”. He however did not limit this expected bull market to crypto alone. Novogratz also expects to see the stock market continue its rally.

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