Pro-Bitcoin NYC Mayor Candidate Wins Election, Here’s How It Could Make NYC a Crypto Hub

New York City (NYC) Mayor candidate Eric Adams won the election to become the 110th Mayor of the iconic city. The highlight of his campaign was his promise to bring back the lost glory to the city due to the pandemic and more importantly make NYC a crypto hub. Adams, the 61-year-old Democratic Brooklyn borough president was declared the winner over Republican anti-crime activist Curtis Sliwa. He garnered 67% of the total votes.

“I’m perfectly imperfect, and the city is made up of perfectly imperfect people,” Adams said at an Election Night party at the Marriott hotel in Downtown Brooklyn. “That’s the combination that will allow us to create a perfect city where no one is left behind.”

Adams during his campaign has promised that within one year he would turn the city back to its pre-Covid days and make it a technology and crypto hub. He has said,

“I promise you, in one year […] you’re going to see a different city. […]. We’re going to become the center of life science, the center of cyber security, the center of self-driving cars, drones, the center of bitcoin, we’re going to be the center of all the technology,”

NYC and Miami Could Become the Two Crypto Capitals of the US

Adams is not the first US politician to promise a pro-crypto stance, in fact, Miami is currently at the forefront of crypto innovation in the US-led by Mayor Francis Suarez. The city was also the first to launch its own native crypto token in the form of Miami coin which has already generated millions in revenue and is being utilized for the development of the city. Mayor Francis also became the first US Politician to accept 100% of his paycheck in Bitcoin.

Apart from Miami Wyoming is also a growing crypto hub, however, given NYC’s iconic status and being the capital of the Silicon valley would definitely help crypto gain larger adoption. Along with Miami, NYC could become the joint crypto capital of the US.

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