Satoshi Nakamoto’s Website Gets Hacked, Scammers Run BTC Giveaway Scam, the oldest cryptocurrency website registered by the pseudo-anonymous creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto was hacked earlier today. The hackers then ran a BTC giveaway scam promising to return double the amount of BTC that users send to the mentioned address. The scammers reportedly managed to collect $17,764 before the website was taken down. It is still offline and cannot be accessed at the time of writing.



The website which is run by another pseudo-anonymous account that goes by the name of Cobra took to Twitter to reveal the news and claimed the website might remain offline for a couple of days.

Cobra also blamed the security breach on the recent change to Cloudflare for web hosting and believed there was some sort of lapse from the web infrastructure provider. Cobra tweeted, hasn’t been hacked, ever. And then we move to Cloudflare, and two months later we get hacked. Can you explain where you were routing my traffic too? Because my actual server didn’t get any traffic during the hack.”

Bitcoin Giveaway Scams

Bitcoin giveaway scams are quite popular among hackers as it allows them to make quick money without the need to breach anyone’s wallet. Last year, Twitter handles of top celebrities, influencers and politicians were hacked to run a similar Bitcoin giveaway scam that managed to siphon hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few minutes that the tweets were up for. The culprits were later apprehended but it did highlight how people still fall for these very obvious scams.

Bitcoin price wasn’t affected by the news as the top cryptocurrency was trading in green with a 5% gain over the past 24-hours. The top cryptocurrency managed to record a new daily high of $44,270 and currently trading at $43,800. The crypto market collectively surged yesterday after a bearish weekend where it fell below $40K key support owing to the Evergrande market turmoil. With the end of September near, market pundits predict the crypto market would surge to new highs as the final quarter has proven to be historically bullish for the top cryptocurrency.

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