Shiba Inu (SHIB) the Dogecoin Killer Now Powers Welly’s The Clown Killer

The past week saw the Shiba Inu team hinting at a significant development. It recently released a 16-sec teasing video on Twitter to get the community ready for the cooking action. It was confirmed today when the Shiba Inu team announced a partnership with Welly’s, a new hyper-quality agile blockchain-based fast-food chain based in Naples, Italy. Often considered the McDonald’s competitor or dubbed “the Clown Killer,” Shibarium will facilitate Welly’s partnership with Shiba. The Shiba Inu Layer 2 Scaling Solution is expected to launch early this year.

Shibarium will quicken transactions

Shibarium, the much-awaited Layer 2 solution, will enable SHIB transactions to be much cheaper and more accessible. It makes Shibarium perfect for the new partnership.

The founder of Shiba Inu goes by the pseudo name Shytoshi Kusama, shared further details about the partnership with Welly’s via a blog post on Medium.

The report revealed that Kusama is not interested in having a partnership with the big Whigs such as McDonald’s Burger King, among others. The reasons are: Low Standard Food and Agility.

Emphasis on Vegans, vegetarian and healthy food

The blog post continued and said that Welly’s is a burger joint. Still, it heaps upon vegetarian, vegan, and “healthy” fast food options. The partnership will introduce more options to cater to these needs.

“The blog post also pointed to the agility of Welly. In a short period, it was able to undertake a complete rebrand of their store, including the mascot, creating new eco-friendly packaging, and taking suggestions from yours truly about marketing, menu, and strategy.

The blog post also showcased Kusama’s love for Indian Market. It explained the significance of the Chicken clucking sound 0heard in the teaser.

The blog post added, “For instance, because we love our India market so much, we shifted some of our visual communications from being beef centric to chicken centric (cluck in the video!) to compensate for the religious practices of one of our largest markets.”

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