Tom Brady Gifts Fan 1 BTC in Exchange for His 600th Touchdown Pass Ball

In the Sunday game that saw the Buccaneers pitched against the Chicago Bears, Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass to fellow teammate Mike Evans — the highest number of touchdown passes by a single player in the entire history of NFL. Evans having no prior knowledge of the significance of the ball, handed it off to the fan wearing a jersey with Evans’ namesake.

The gesture by Tom Brady, too little or too much?

Founder of sports memorabilia auction company Goldin Auctions, Ken Goldin has given an hint regarding the worth of the ball. Taking to his twitter page, he said the ball could be worth any amount between $500,000 to $900,000.

At first, many thought that Kennedy had been played a fast one when it appeared to have given up the ball on some false hopes of a possible hangout with the quarterback. However, Brady later revealed on Monday Night Football that he had offered to give the fan 1 Bitcoin (BTC) as a ‘thank you for giving it back’. As at the time of writing this report,  that’s about $62,494.

Brady had tweeted to @FTXOfficial on Monday, to get Kennedy a Bitcoin.

Interestingly, that’s not all that Kennedy will be getting. According to Tampa Bay Times reporter Rick Stroud, the Buccaneers have also agreed to issue out  2 signed team jerseys to Kennedy. He’ll also be getting a helmet with Brady’s autograph, Mike Evans game cleats, and a jersey signed by him, season tickets for the rest of 2021 and the entire 2022, as well as $1,000 credit towards purchases to be made at the team’s store.

Even with all of these aforementioned gifts, many still believe that Kennedy’s compensation is nowhere near that of the historic football.

Brady remains one of many professional sportsmen who have openly supported crypto. He has launched his own NFT platform called Autograph, and received tokens as part of an endorsement deal he had with crypto exchange FTX.

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