Why Bitcoin ETF Is Such A Big Deal and May Push Bitcoin Above $100k?

Amid a global regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies, the U.S. SEC’s approval of a Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) has come as a pleasant surprise to the Bitcoin community. The most awaited ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is reportedly launching as early as Monday, October 18. This ETF is going to be traded with a ticker symbol of BITO and will track Bitcoin futures.

Bitcoin rallies towards $100K

Instead of achieving regulatory green light, Bitcoin price crossed $62K this morning with a slight correction, BTC continued to stand strong at $61.5K, at the time of reporting. The market is raging with speculation of Bitcoin crossing $100K with this ETF. The timing could not have been better as the fourth quarter has commenced the holiday season bull run, with trader bonuses flooding in as cryptocurrencies take to an upward graph. Since the beginning of October, when the potential BTC ETF began gaining mass traction, the impact on Bitcoin prices also became evident.

According to a Bloomberg report, this Bitcoin ETF will further the institutional adoption of the decentralized sphere, specifically focused on Bitcoin. “An ETF should provide greater ease-of-use for retail investors looking to ride Bitcoin’s often hair-raising ups and downs. Like securities tracking oil and gold, it will change hands on relatively familiar U.S. stock-market venues, rather than in cryptocurrency or futures exchanges whose workings are imposing to some users.”

Regulatory approval can make or break a token

The frequently validated fact that regulatory approval radically helps the growth of cryptocurrencies, despite it being a decentralized and unregulated market, continues to gain credibility. XRP is one of the most prominent examples of how drowning in a regulatory puddle may keep certain tokens into a bear rut, while the rest of the industry leaps into the bullish phase. Due to the ongoing XRP lawsuit against Ripple, the XRP community continues to suffer as the fourth quarter has not helped XRP so far. The community blames the SEC for stretching the lawsuit intentionally so that XRP skips this bull run.

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