Dfyn announces new incentivized liquidity program on Fantom Network

Leading multichain AMM dex platform Dfyn has unveiled a new incentivized liquidity program on Fantom. Dfyn, which was initially functional on Polygon, is all set to branch towards the Fantom Network. 

Dfyn will also be debuting their special liquidity mining program on Fantom, which will allow users to migrate their liquidity and deposit it into the liquidity pool once the users are connected with the network. 

Dfyn announces new pairs eligible for farming rewards 

Dfyn has confirmed that the new liquidity mining program will commence with 30,000 $DFYN that will be distributed daily as incentives to keep the users engaged and invested. The pairs eligible for Dfyn farming rewards are DFYN-FTM, USDC-USD, BTC-wETH, and DFYN- USDC. The platform has also confirmed its plan to add more pairs in the future. 

The liquidity mining program will begin from October 26 and is set to run for 30 days before the scheduled rewards and pairs are relaunched. The platform will be allocating 900,0000 $DFYN towards the program which denotes less than 0.5% of the total supply

Users will be able to connect their Metamask wallet to Fantom by accessing the Chainlist and searching the Fantom Opera option. Similarly, the providers will be able to bridge their $DFYN tokens from Ethereum to Fantom network by using Anyswap Bridge.

If the tokens are on Polygon, then the users will have to bridge them to Ethereum first via Polygon bridge and then to Fantom network using Anyswap bridge.

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