F1 team McLaren launches NFT fan experience on Tezos (XTZ)

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Sweet, a leading enterprise NFT solutions provider, announced the integration of Tezos, an energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain network, to the Sweet NFT platform.

Tezos speeds up its NFT game

The inaugural Tezos collection on the Sweet NFT Platform unveils an extensive and highly-gamified McLaren Racing Collective NFT fan experience. McLaren Racing fans will be able to collect unique McLaren F1 car parts to build their own NFT McLaren F1 car, all on Sweet and powered by Tezos.

Sweet is creating exciting ways for brands to offer digital collectibles to their audiences. Adding support for Tezos unlocks a new wave of growth for the leading NFT marketplace by adding an energy-efficient, scalable blockchain network and welcoming the vibrant Tezos NFT community to the highly intuitive, user-friendly Sweet NFT Marketplace and wallet. 

The integration will enable even the less-crypto savvy McLaren Racing fans to collect, create, and sell Tezos NFTs on Sweet.

“McLaren Racing is revolutionizing the digital collectibles space by providing fans with unprecedented views of the MCL35M car parts as true 3D NFTs that can be spun around, fidgeted with, and viewed from all angles,” said Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet, in a statement.

“We built the entire McLaren Racing Collective on Tezos for its eco-friendliness and its compatibility with broad-scale use cases and applications for NFTs. Tezos allows us to continue to prioritize and maintain a seamless, user-friendly digital collecting experience. We expect to see a large move into Tezos NFTs across many IP holder verticals and marketplaces,” he added.

Collectibles for the NFT savvy

The inaugural Tezos NFT collection on Sweet will feature McLaren Racing’s immersive and gamified NFT experience. McLaren F1 Fans will be able to collect the critical parts of a McLaren F1 car and build their own. 

Each part will have its own scarcity and there will only be enough parts available for 22 complete NFT cars to be assembled. The first batch of collectible parts, (Left-wing mirror, Right-wing mirror, FR wheel, and FL wheel) will be released on Sunday, October 24, 2021, during the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on Sweet.

For Tezos, Sweet, and McLaren, sustainability through innovation goes hand in hand — embracing clean NFTs and energy-efficient networks ensure that the impact of this new medium to share creative expression is not offset by unnecessarily high energy consumption.

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