Kattana’s advanced features are ready to bring DeFi trading to a pro-level

Kattana, a cross-chain trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs is releasing a set of professional fast trading tools for DeFi traders.

While bridging the gap between the centralized exchange world and the decentralized one, the terminal allows both professional and novice traders to benefit from trading in real-time.

Tools for the best DeFi trading experience

After weeks of closed Beta testing of the trading terminal, receiving more than 5.000 suggestions and remarks, and making more than 170 product edits, Kattana is ready to unleash its cutting-edge tools to DeFi traders.

The terminal enables trading in real-time on over 40 DEXs across multiple networks–including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, HECO, and Avalanche.

The team was set to build “a trading terminal of the future,” and with some of its advanced features, which include top-rate charting and complex order types, Kattana is designed to appeal to a wide range of traders looking to up their game.

Traders stand to benefit from 24 charts on one screen, three types of limit orders, an AI-powered news aggregator, as well as technical data analysis.

“Built by traders for traders”

In order to bring tools and functionalities that were only found on CEXs to DeFi traders, Kattana build an infrastructure that enables a full package–advanced trading, market analysis, and portfolio management.

This “ultimate all-in-one trading terminal” is set to address some of the main pain points of managing multiple accounts across CEXes and DEXes, by making cross-chain trading quicker and more accurate.

“This dispersion has surely been the cause of many losses in our case certainly, that’s why we understand the need for a more regrouped way to see all your crypto assets, that will take into consideration the assets from both sides,” Ilya Demydonok, Kattana CEO told CryptoSlate.

Disclaimer: CryptoSlate holds a financial position in Kattana and was given the opportunity to participate in the presale of this project in exchange for news, analysis, and other types of coverage. CryptoSlate was NOT paid to publish this article.


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