The Graph expands into Polkadot, Kusama ecosystems with Moonriver support

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The Graph goes live on Moonriver (MOVR), as the powerful indexing protocol further expands into the Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) ecosystems.

The Graph (GRT) is a decentralized, open-source infrastructure protocol designed to collect, process, and store blockchain data, initially launched on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

The protocol enables storing of the collected and analyzed blockchain data into the so-called ‘subgraphs,’ facilitating data queries, essential for developers looking to increase the efficiency of their decentralized applications (dApps).

Kusama’s Moonriver

The decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains has recently announced integration onto the Moonriver network, enabling developers to build, publish and use subgraphs in a Kusama-based environment.

“Moonriver is a layer 1 Ethereum-compatible parachain that is connected to the Kusama network,” expanded the protocol’s announcement on Twitter.

“Similar to how Kusama is the sister network to Polkadot, Moonriver is the sister network to Moonbeam Network, the layer 1 blockchain built on Polkadot,” expanded the announcement in a Twitter thread, noting how integrating onto the parachain further expands the protocol into the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

According to The Graph’s developers, increasing compatibility with the indexing protocol was “one of the most commonly requested integrations in the Moonriver community.”

“Currently, Graph protocol supports indexing data from Ethereum, IPFS, and PoA,” reminded the developers, while expressing their excitement about the protocol’s support being extended to the Kusama network.

Moonriver began its five-phase launch process in July and currently, the total value locked (TVL) on the network stands around $80 million, according to DeFi Llama’s data.

Polkadot’s top parachain

Earlier this year, the Graph protocol announced integration onto Moonbeam (GLMR), the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot.

In April, the Graph’s hosted service integrated their protocol onto the Moonbeam TestNet, enabling developers to ​​build, publish, and use subgraphs in a Polkadot-based environment.

Polkadot’s much-awaited parachains are set to go live on the network later this year.

In anticipation of the first auction, scheduled for November 11, 2021, Moonbeam’s crowdloan pre-registration opened at the end of last week.

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