AMC CEO Casts Dogecoin To Join Star-Studded Crypto Lineup Of Bitcoin, Ether, & More

Dogecoin has now made its way onto the radar of CEO of AMC Theaters Adam Aron. The CEO has announced in early August the entertainment giant’s plan to begin accepting crypto payments. The move to accept cryptocurrencies was very popular among the investor community. Seeing this as evidence that more adoption was coming, given that AMC is the biggest cinema chain in the United States.

The question of why AMC would choose deflationary assets to use as a payments method instead of smaller cap coins with lower transaction fees has been debated in the space. Speculations were that this was solely a PR move on the part of AMC. And that the chain had no intent to actually implement crypto payments for the purchase of tickets and concessions at its locations.

AMC CEO Confirms Crypto Payments Are Coming

CEO Adam Aron took to Twitter to further confirm that the entertainment giant was indeed going to implement crypto payments in its cinemas. The CEO confirmed that the crypto payments would be done online for movie tickets and concessions. And put the ETA (estimated time of arrival) at the end of 2021.

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In addition to crypto payments, AMC Theaters also plans to include both Apple Pay and Google Pay options for its customers. These moves have been driving by low numbers after the country came out of the pandemic lockdown. With the coronavirus not completely beaten, the number of people returning to large, crowded theaters has thinned down.

Dogecoin Enters The Lineup

Following the confirmation post for the acceptance of crypto at its theaters, Dogecoin supporters poured out to inquire about the addition of Dogecoin as a payment method. The CEO had also announced the addition of three new cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoin, namely Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Sparking questions about why one of the most popular cryptocurrencies was not among the lineup.

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Given the outpouring of support towards Dogecoin, AMC CEO Adam Aron turned his focus to the meme coin. Aron took to Twitter once again to hear from the community. A poll was put up by the CEO asking his followers if they would like to see Dogecoin added as a payment method at its theaters.

The poll has so far garnered over 127,000 votes. And votes in favor of adding Dogecoin as a payment method are currently in the lead. With 68% of the total respondents voting “Yes, for sure do it.”

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