A New Litecoin Focused Lightning Project is Almost Here.

It is now less than one week until this years Litecoin summit, hosted by the Singapore based Litecoin Foundation. In the final run up, a new project has just been publicly teased on twitter from one of the organisations directors Wang Xinxi. The tweet read:

“There will be something big from @loshan1212 soon. #Litecoin #LTC

Loshan has been an active Litecoin developer since 2013 and is most known for his work on the Litecoin Core full node software and Loafwallet which is now the largest standalone Litecoin Wallet for IOS and Android devices. Although working as an independent developer, Loshan is sponsored by the foundation to work full time on Litecoin and its wider ecosystem.

Despite the release of this teaser Loshan is not scheduled to speak at the Summit so it remains uncertain when exactly this untitled project will be released or if we will hear more at the actual event. Further details were however hinted at in a follow up tweet from Loshan who stated:

“Something to do with ⚡”

Given his previous work and proficiency in IOS development it may not be too far fetched to assume this untitled project is a new mobile Lightning wallet for Litecoin. This would make it the first for Litecoin and break down a handful of barriers that users currently face when trying to onboard to the layer 2 network, namely running a full node for the LND software which requires a degree of technical understanding to install and manage safely.

The other potentiality is that this is may be something to do with deeper infrastructure, possibly development on Litecoin support for further implementations beyond Lightning Lab’s LND.

Loshan told us that he has recently stepped back from Loaf development in the last few weeks and is no longer allocating any more time to it instead choosing to refocus all his efforts on the new lightning project going forward.

“Officially left everything to do with LoafWallet since last week.”

Loaf, we are also told, will continue under the new leadership of Kerry Washington who will be speaking about the next major release on the first day of the Summit next week. He has said of the move:

“I joined the Litecoin Foundation in 2017 primarly to improve the LoafWallet iOS App while working out a product plan for the future with Charlie. At a recent lunch, he suggested I take on the role of lead not just for iOS but all things LoafWallet to include the Android codebase and backend resources. This also means continuing my work with our partners like Simplex, Changelly, Ternio and, BiBox. I happily accepted the role and look forward to sharing new things related to Loafwallet at the Litecoin Summit.”

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