Litecoin Takes Centre Stage at the Dolphins V Patriots Showdown.

Yesterday the Miami Dolphins played off against the New England Patriots in a hotly anticipated match between the two long standing rivals dating back to 1986. Unfortunatley, however it was not to be the Dolphins day, losing a decisive 43–0.

Litecoin got a chance to shine through in one of its first outings on the pitch. The Singapore based Litecoin Foundation, earlier in the year, partnered with the Miami Dolphins as a sponsor, resulting in Litecoin becoming the ‘official cryptocurrency of the team’. As part of the deal, attendees would be able to purchase match tickets using Litecoin and Bitcoin and partake in the 50/50 raffle event, with Litecoin as the prize.

Litecoin Founder, Charlie Lee, was in attendance at the match yesterday and showed off the Litecoin advertising on the stadium’s jumbotron in a tweet.

I’m at the Dolphins/Patriots game today watching the GOAT @TomBrady play and rooting for Litecoin! Thanks to the @MiamiDolphins for inviting us.

Lee also met up with former american soccer star and now professional football player Chad Johnson. The two watched the match together with Lee joking:

“Got to hang out with @ochocinco, who played for both the Dolphins and the Patriots previously. Though he’s not into crypto… yet.”

The reception on twitter was positive with many celebrating the move and one user ‘ John Cornetta’ showing off an image of the Litecoin logo at last weeks match vs the Baltimore Ravens. The foundation hopes the sponsorship will lead to further real world adoption of Bitcoin and Litecoin as methods of payments, exposing the technology with those who may not have previously been aware of it.

With the rest of the season still ahead, Litecoin has many more outings yet to come and will be seen by millions tuning in around the world, sitting at home or making the journey out to show their support in the stadium.

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