How Neobanks Help Investors Earn Millions of Dollars

Digital assets continue to gain popularity amongst traditional large and medium-sized investors. According to Wells Fargo, Bitcoin has become the most profitable asset of 2020, leaving gold, stocks, and raw materials far behind.

The popularity of Bitcoin has prompted investors to refocus on alternative coins and tokens. However, if earlier asset holders were eager to invest in tech startups at the seed stage, today they prefer to invest money mostly in operating businesses. At crypto banks investors become risk averse and quickly take profits, not letting profits run.

The best solution for average investors and users

Institutional investors are not in a rush to invest in digital assets yet. Several companies like ARK Invest are already investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular digital assets.

Average investors are still limited in the tools to safely invest in worthy digital assets. Their strategies vary from staking programs to passive long-term holding.

The creation of decentralized finance and decentralized investment platforms has become a new era in cryptocurrency investment. Users can invest in liquidity pools and profit from the results of that particular pool. Liquidity pools are paired crypto assets that are pooled together to facilitate the trading of particular token or coin sets on decentralized trading exchanges. The funds are provided by the various contributors and they earn a small, passive income based on trading fees between the paired assets they invested in the pool.

The growth does not come without its pains: DeFi protocols were recently hacked often.  Since the beginning of 2021, hackers have managed to withdraw more than $50 million.

The ideal solution to the eternal problems of profit security can be neobanks that combine the security of traditional banking institutions and opportunities to earn steady profits in the decentralized finance sector.

“Crypto neobank Grow Bank is designed primarily for average investors and users. Earning programs allow clients to receive income from various sources: from investments in liquidity pools to participation in a referral program,” – the company representatives say.

Each user of the neocrypto bank can invest their funds in liquidity pools. These funds will be distributed among investment projects in the field of fintech and blockchain. At the same time users themselves will be able to profit from the activities of these companies in proportion to their contribution.

“At any time, the user can withdraw money from the liquidity pool if he prefers to use it for other purposes,” Grow Bank explains.

The internal GROW token is used to invest in the neobank’s liquidity pools.

How to Use Tokens in Crypto Investment

The GROW token is an internal payment and investment tool of the neobank Grow Bank. With its help, users can not only invest in liquidity pools, but also participate in the management and development of the organization.

“Each holder of the GROW token receives dividends from each paid transaction in the Grow network, and also votes on how to use the accumulated funds and in which fintech projects to invest,” the company explains.

Each GROW token is provided with commission fees accumulated on the DAO smart contract and can be “burned” at any time in exchange for a proportional share of assets. Thus, token holders can earn money simply by keeping it in their wallet — regardless of the token’s exchange rate on the free market, it will always have a “fair” value

Today, you can purchase GROW tokens on Zerion, which offers a comprehensive solution for interacting with DeFi. Also, Grow tokens can be purchased on the decentralized Balancer, Uniswap exchanges, as well as the 1INCH DeFi aggregator.

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