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The choice of a cryptocurrency trading platform can be a very daunting task today. From market traders to long-term investors, digital currency exchanges remains one of the most popular ways to gain exposure to the growing world of cryptocurrencies. While there is a proliferation of these exchanges which now number in their hundreds, getting one that offers enough value at the best rates can be very daunting.

Amongst the growing platforms with plans to become a hub for all things, crypto trading platform StormGain holds on top. StormGain is a St. Vincent and the Grenadines based trading platform with products designed to serve everyone in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The StormGain trading engine is accessible on any device, pitching itself as a mobile focused outfit in today’s digital advancement.

 The Experience is as Good as the Services Offered

 Hardly can a customer derive satisfaction unless there is a service rendered or a product enjoyed. StormGain has a plethora of crypto service offerings, all of which is geared towards rebranding the experiences of all its users. A detailed highlight of some of these offerings is made below:

  • Crypto Assets Exchange: This service functions just like the regular asset exchanges. The StormGain exchange products lets you trade the top digital currencies at one of the best rates the market can offer at the time the purchases are made. There are a number of cryptocurrency trading pairs on the Exchange interface including Bitcoin/Tether, Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin, and Ethereum/Bitcoin respectively. An offshoot of this service is the ability to convert one cryptocurrency to the other via the exchange’s dedicated wallets. For every exchange made, the consumer is spared a sum, which would have others been used up in fees in competing platforms.
  • Cryptocurrency Trading: This is the channel through which StormGain customers can access the highest leverage on the market with up to 200x for Bitcoin. This leverage trading option involves using borrowed money to ‘multiply’ the amount the customer is trading which helps to open a large position with a smaller amount of actual funds. Typically, StormGain borrows traders funds to increase the volume of their order, which in turn boosts the gains from a profitable trade. While this form of trading can be very risky if things do not go as planned, StormGain has integrated risk management options such as TAKE PROFIT and STOP LOSS. There is also a trading signal developed by the exchange’s experts that is sent to traders for free. This helps traders to exploit the leverages through the eyes of a calculated market move.
  • StormGain Wallets: Digital crypto wallets are very essential in safeguarding assets in the complex of cryptocurrencies. After successfully registering on the exchange, each user will have access to a multi-currency wallet that can be used in storing the platform’s supported crypto assets. This service comes at no charge, and is bolstered with adequate security.

Atop all of these offerings, the StormGain exchange charges competitive fees, and its deep liquidity promotes the fast settlement of transactions.

 StormGain’s Ease of Use and User Incentives

 Despite the advanced technology the platform brandishes, it has not compromised ease of use for complex features. Registration on the StormGain exchange is seamless, and requires just the user’s functional email address and password.

Getting to adapt to the digital currency ecosystem, and ultimately the buying and selling of crypto can be a very confusing engagement for the newcomer. In order to ease the transition into crypto life for these categories of customers, StormGain has a rich guide that covers the fundamentals of trading. While newcomers will find these resources useful, experienced traders also have guides that can help hone up their skills. These value added services makes StormGain a hub for all classes of traders and investors.

Using the StormGain trading platform also comes with a number of incentives for the user. As the official trading partner of Lazio Football club, and a sleeve partner to Newcastle United, StormGain offers such perks as free matchday tickets, tons of signed jerseys, VIP tours, and many more perks.

StormGain also affords its users to earn a passive income through a robust affiliate program. To become a StormGain affiliate, the user will need to create a FPM.global account in seconds and gain access to all features, promotional materials and tracking assets. With these resources, the customer can introduce new clients, and upon the successful registration and the attainment of the required trading conditions, the affiliate earns a commission.

The affiliate program is so flexible, and customers can choose the most favorable commission plans for they prefer. These could either be a Cost Per Click (CPA) model or revenue sharing option. This incentive is bolstered by the access to actionable statistics on performance, as well as the fast payout of earnings.

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