Shukhrat Ibragimov Announces ‘Divine’ Community Project

On the 30th June 2021, entrepreneur Shukhrat Ibragimov announced the launch of the Divine community project on the rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Mr Ibragimov  explained that the project utilises space technologies to broadcast the Quran from space to Earth, enabling practicing Muslims – as well as anyone interested in learning more about the Sacred Text of Islam – to listen to passages from the Holy Quran, including the authentic Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith collection.

The Divine community project is intended to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding Islam, helping people all over the world to better understand the teachings of the Holy Quran. By hosting excerpts from the Holy Quran on terrestrial servers in space, the project will enable Islamic teachings to reach a wider audience, thanks to the extensive coverage area provided by the satellite.

The project involves embedding multimedia and audio files in a payload provided by SpaceChain, a space-as-a-service solution provider. The files will be installed on a YAM-2 satellite, which is to be transported into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of a mission operated by Loft Orbital, a multinational company that specialises in helping clients get their payloads into space via the fastest, most efficient route possible.

The Divine community project is managed and operated by Eurasian Space Ventures, a private company registered in Kazakhstan. Founded by Shukhrat Ibragimov in 2020, Eurasian Space Ventures is committed to revolutionising the space industry. 

Serving as an international hub for new projects and developments in the space industry, Eurasian Space Ventures attracts leading technologies, projects and companies to Kazakhstan, enabling partner organisations to benefit from the country’s well-established and extensive space infrastructure and ecosystem. 

To that end, Eurasian Space Ventures has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with SpaceChain, agreeing to develop and collaborate on joint projects together in the field of space technologies over the next two years.

The YAM-2 satellite is intended to reach orbit in November 2021. The Quran audio files will then start being transmitted from space to Earth via several platforms created as part of the project. These include the Divine Live app, which is currently available for download via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, as well as Divine’s official website.

Divine is the only project of its kind globally, leveraging space technologies to transmit excerpts from the Holy Quran and Islamic teachings from space. This educational and multifunctional platform will provide a full understanding of the Quran’s texts. It will broadcast the authentic Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadiths, a collection of Dua, and a tutorial on performing Salah.

The Divine website will be published in several languages, with all content approved by official Islamic Education Centres in relevant countries. The project will enable users all over the world to access the Sacred Text of Islam, as well as providing complete text and audio explanations and descriptions of what the teachings mean in various languages. The Divine platforms will also pinpoint the satellite’s location, enabling users to see where it is in real-time.

As Shukhrat Ibragimov – Divine’s founder and chair trustee of I AM PART OF, the global charity foundation behind the community project – explained, the ultimate goal of Divine is to provide reliable, accessible information about Islam to people all around the world, enabling them to learn more about the Holy Quran and the pillars of the religion. 

By leveraging state-of-the-art space technologies, Divine has removed the limitations of land-based infrastructure, broadening its reach to a much wider global community. By embracing technology beyond the internet, Divine has created a new frontier of accessibility, enabling people all over the world to enjoy simultaneous access to the teachings of Islam from a single source.


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