The Bear Bums Set to Reward Holders of Their NFTs

The Bear Bums team is making public their desire to become the first NFT project to reward their members. Infact, they already are.  This reward comes in the form of an exclusive 10,000 NFT collection that includes extreme rares, animations and other innovations not yet prominent in the NFT space. On rewards, 1 Bear is equal to 1 Honey Point. And after launching their native token, these Honey Points will be converted to HONEY coins. 

One amazing thing about this reward is its exclusivity. The Bear Bums (TBB) team promises extremely rare animated and voiced characters within this collection. Furthermore, members will be granted exclusive access to their club which will include benefits and offers whose growth and expansion will continue indefinitely.

They are very serious about increasing rewards and benefits as the project continues to grow. They’ll be offering consistent prizes in forms of airdrops, sneak-peaks, merchandise and so much more. The goal is to continue giving back to the community that supports them through all the stages of their evolution.

You can buy a Bear either through connecting your wallet to their website or purchasing them on Opensea. Below is the Road Map of their journey. The first phase is giving the Bear Bums a home in the form of their website and social channel launches. After this, two of the bears are then revealed. 

This is followed by the adoption of five more bears while the rest are being prepared for party on the OpenSea. This phase also involves rebuilding the bear’s natural habitat by planting a tree for every bear sold or resold throughout the time of their existence. The goal is to plant over a million trees.

The next phase has to do with the revelation of more bears on the OpenSea. The next phase is characterized by heavier rewards and incentives for community members as The Bear Bums wake their community out of hibernation by dropping some major bombs. They begin to reveal details of their animated series and the rewards at this point may cause one to stagger. 

The final phase marks the beginning of the production of the first Bear Bums episode. TBB community members get the sneak peak. At this phase, there will be graphic novels, more partnerships, more NFT’s, increased rewards and lots more.  Again, at this point, The Bear Bums has one of the biggest communities in the NFT niche and one of the biggest ecosystems. 

Something big is really hitting the planet!

About The Bear Bums

The Bear Bums are an NFT Collectible series which is built on the blockchain technology. They are a collection of  10,000 characters algorithmically generated with over 350 different personality traits, accessories and animations. Even though the bear bums are NFT collectibles, the bears aren’t just mere characters; they are an experience within the metaverse they call home.

The team upholds a community idea where members share great love for one another and for the planet. They have strong belief in transparency and as such, they promote complete community ownership and fair distribution. This is why they place emphasis on the security of their investors and community members.

Beside the amazing community-based idea within the metaverse, another great ideal that The Bear Bums team upholds is positive environmental impact, awareness and friendliness. One of their goals is to plant 100s of thousands of trees. They hope to achieve this by planting a tree each time a bear is sold. 

Media Contact

Website: https://thebearbums.com/#timeline

Email: mailto:[email protected]


Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thebearbums_

Medium: https://medium.com/@thebearbumsnft

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