Top Crypto Marketing Agencies that Make NFT + DeFi work

If you’ve been following cryptocurrency developments across the web, you probably may have heard or read about non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  But what exactly are NFTs and why are they becoming very popular in the cryptocurrency landscape? Here comes the power of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


What is an NFT?

NFT is a digital asset existing on a blockchain representing proof of ownership of an intangible digital item such as an image, video, or in-game item. The blockchain serves as a public ledger, allowing anyone to verify the asset’s authenticity and ownership as well as trading of the NFT.

NFTs are created by tokenizing (minting) digital arts on the blockchain. The digital token created, which can take the form of JPG or GIF, or video is then put on the marketplace for sale.

NFT ownership and DeFi

NFTs are unique because they are permanently tied to, for instance, digital artworks and music. They cannot be separated; the token is the art. For example, it could be a valuable piece of art that you purchase but instead of receiving the painting itself to hang on your wall, you get digital tokens (NFTs) that can act as certificates of ownership of the item. 

Interest in NFTs has grown fast largely because of stable coins which form the backbone of decentralized finance. DeFi protocols have helped NFTs become more liquid, allowing users to view them as a more realistic investment opportunity.

It is important for DeFi projects and NFTs to partner with the right marketplace to ensure successful NFT sales and trading after the fundraising. When selecting a platform for your NFT coin, pay close attention to transaction fees and popularity as a more popular network will ensure you sell to a wider network of investors. 

It is also necessary to engage a reputable crypto advertising agency to grow brand awareness and increase community engagement with various strategies, including the NFT strategy. 

Here is a list of top NFT marketing agencies – in no ranking order.


TokenMinds is a top-notch NFT marketing agency. Launched by three marketing experts in 2015, the company specializes in marketing, growth, and fundraising, but also provides insights on go-to-market strategy and community building. If you need consultation on how to structure and promote your NFTs, TokenMinds is a great option. On top of the impressive client list, TokenMinds has gotten its clients some great results, including helping projects raise up to $70 million through crowdfunding. 

In addition to NFTs, TokenMinds also offer services such as community management, PR and influencer programs, bounty campaigns as well as promotion in Asian markets. The company can offer support in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages customizing the campaign to the needs of every client.


FireCask is a creative agency that offers consulting services to both NFT and non-NFT clients. The agency focuses on marketing consulting, as they’re a full-service agency offering services like SEO, PR, and social media marketing. Along with marketing, they can also help manage your community of followers which is an added bonus.


Appdupe is a one-stop solution for customized mobile apps, web apps, and other related services. NFT marketing services are just one part of their core business. They also provide cloning services, providing NFT platforms that look like Rarible, Opensea, and Decentraland.


X10 is another crypto and NFT marketing agency. They recently just started marketing NFTs but were originally a crypto marketing agency. Just like TokenMinds, they also focus on Defi, STO, IEO, ICO, and other niches within crypto. They’re based in Russia and have a strong presence in EMEA with smaller brands in the region. This is another agency that’s been in space for a while and specializes in crypto. 

Although interest in NFTs and DeFi has surged in 2021, only projects with a solid crypto marketing strategy have been able to realize significant success.

Your NFT marketing efforts won’t go very far unless you have a thorough understanding of your target audience. Like other crypto marketing efforts such as influencer marketing and community engagement, you must appeal to the cryptocurrency community to attract interest in the NFT sale.

Otherwise, your campaigns may never reach the right audience. You’ll also need to have a thorough grasp of what NFT marketing looks like. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether your target audience will be interested in a proposed NFT coin in the first place.

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