Over $176M Worth of Dogecoin Were Moved by Whales Within 24 Hours

The account posted up to 15 transactions that carried a total of one billion DOGE coins over the past 24 hours. The transaction amount differed, but all of them were above four million DOGE coins since the Twitter handle only reports transactions that are above that amount.

The whales moved a total of $176,757,691 worth of Dogecoin over the past 24 hours. Brokerage platform Robinhood was reportedly used in most of the whale transactions over the past 24 hours.

Large whale transactions on the Dogecoin network are not new. On January 3, DogeWhaleAlert revealed that several whales transferred up to 90.3 million Dogecoin (over $15.5 million) to an anonymous wallet.

On December 16, the Dogecoin network also reported large whale transactions after Elon Musk announced that Tesla would accept Dogecoin payments for merch.

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